As an indie game company it would be strange if we didn’t make games.. duh.

We are busy with a platform game that is an homage to the old NES periode. A retro pixel platform game.

The main character Omar Emerson is a cop that was framed and send to prison where he put all the scumbags that he arrested. After he is released he starts as a private eye. And then the case of all cases falls into his lap.

It’s a film noir story with allot of homages to the horror and sci-fi genre.

Hello world!

Well that what we want to say you out there! We’re are a indie company that is founded by Jerome, Ricardo and Tom. You problably don’t know us yet. But that’s going to change soon. We’re trying to make our first game and already started in April 2014. We have tons of concept art, music and also a start for some gameplay! We will be updating this site with all the progress we make in making the game.